We offer a standardized service package for managing small claims (all claims, separately or summarized to be under 3000 EUR).

The package includes:

  • Assessing legal basis and criteria for enforcement;
  • Compilation of documents (letters of claim etc);
  • Pursuing out-of-court court settlement;
  • Filing for a payment order;
  • Litigation in the court of first instance (if necessary);
  • Our fixed fee 300/500 EUR *

* Fee includes the filing of a payment order/fee includes also litigation in the court of first instance until court decision is received.

After the proceedings in the first instance have been concluded we will propose a separate fee for the appeal instance(s) if and when necessary and ordered by the client.


Please notice that submitting an order does not constitute acceptance by the law firm to engage in legal representation nor to conclude an agreement for the provision of services. We will accept the order only after case validation, client identification and conflict of interest procedures.